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Principled, values-driven, spiritual, or just plain nice service-based business owners…

Your Clients Hate Being Sold to —

Help Them Buy Instead

It’s no wonder you feel sales is adversarial. That’s because it really is. 

 Traditional “selling”… is all about trying to get something from people.

Trying to get them to take your call…trying to get them to answer your emails…trying to get them to buy from you..

Your potential clients have been pestered, misled, disappointed, and tricked by sales people, businesses, and service providers in the past. They’re more price-sensitive than ever and take longer to make a decision.  So it’s understandable they’re now skeptical and distrustful of traditional marketing and sales tactics.

That makes them skeptical and distrustful of you too.

You Can’t Control Whether or Not Clients Buy But You Can Create a Process That Helps Them Decide Faster and Easier.

The word Sell is from the Old English word sellan which actually means “to give”.

What if you stopped trying to GET and started to GIVE instead?

What if you gave your Ideal Client the sort of information she needs to make the best decision for her and make it faster and easier?

See…marketing is really just education and invitation.

You simply share useful information in an easily consumable way that helps buyers understand how you can solve their problem better than anyone else.

You then invite them to take the next step along the Buying Highway™...that’s the route we all take to buy anything.

And when you understand what your Ideal Clients…

  • think…what drives her to take action
  • look for when searching for a solution and evaluating a provider’s claims
  • fear about buying and the risks you’re asking her to take in buying from you

…you’re able to create messages that resonate on an emotional and cognitive level.

Marketing and selling are easier…

  • clients make decisions faster
  • your cash flow improves
  • your stress is reduced

…and you’re not selling anymore.

You’re helping people buy.

Winnie Anderson, The Marketing Strategy Maven

I’m Winnie Anderson.   My understanding of how people think and what drives them to take action has helped me create marketing processes and messages that inspire action.


  • the newsletter publisher who closed the next 4 out of 5 sales in the first 7 days after working with me
  • the association leader who — less than 24 hours after spending a day together — signed a corporate sponsor she “had been chasing” for two years
  • the promotional products consultant who attracted more of his ideal clients and was able to increase sales by 20%
  • the home improvement contractor who brought in $400,000 worth of new business in just 4 months using an information-based sales kit I developed

I work exclusively with outstanding service-based entrepreneurs and growing firms to help them understand the mind and heart of their Ideal Clients, then package and communicate their messages in ways that resonate with and move their clients to a decision faster and easier.

Imagine, your clients get their problem solved faster. You get to do more of what you love and get paid well to do it.

And it all happens in a way that’s totally authentic for you and respectful of your Ideal Clients.

I’ve put together a free video series to help you understand the path buyers take.

This is totally free. Nothing for sale.

Marketing is simply education + invitation. Once you understand how to share your message in ways that don’t involve hard selling and start helping people to decide to buy, they take action faster.

So just share your best contact information below and you’ll get access to the video series. Naturally your information is safe with me.




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